Frequently asked questions

No! Never, ever. Our boarding units were carefully designed to make sure cats can’t even see another cat above, below or on either side. Their condo is private, kept immaculately clean and sanitized daily.

We try to accommodate all our customer’s requests for a specific condo, however, sometimes there is another kitty whose boarding period overlaps your reservation. All our condos are the same except for the Large Treehouses and multi-level units for several cats from the same family.

For as long as the client needs. We have a minimum 2-day charge because it is not financially feasible for us to charge for one day. Long term boarding: We have boarded cats for two and three years after the Hurricane while the families were rebuilding. We are happy to say under all circumstances, the cats were returned to their owners in excellent health and great spirits, having been lovingly cared for during such a long and difficult period for the family. We fulfilled the role of surrogate family until they were re-united

No, because we are proud to care for cats only. This is what we do best.

Yes, with a qualification. Please don’t bring food dishes or litter boxes as ours fit and go through a sanitizing system. And please do not bring large items like carpeted condo, carpet, beds or a scratching post, but you can bring your kitty’s favorite toy. We give the kitties a catnip mouse after they are in their private condo, which they all love. You may also bring a shirt with your scent on it with lasts about a day, but we launder all cloth items and we cannot be responsible if the item gets lost, damaged, discolored or bleached in the laundry…

Also, If your kitty drops any of its toys, including its mouse in the litter box, for their own health and our strict policies regarding cleanliness and sanitation, they will be discarded with the litter. Click here for more information on belongings.

Be assured, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars for huge wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking tropical gardens, fish ponds, birdbaths, fountains, etc, which attract zillions of lizards, birds, and butterflies for your kitty’s constant entertainment. Even at night when the night lights come on in the gardens, the ‘night’ creatures come out for the enjoyment of the kitties who are ‘night owls’. There is never a shortage of fun, loving care and attention & entertainment at ACCH!

Yes. Absolutely. We have live-in staff and the cats are supervised and monitored 24/7 for their wellbeing, our peace of mind, and yours. Keep in mind that our staff is available for your cat’s care, not for checking-ins or tours.

Yes. We have never had any cat have any trouble adapting to the litter box. They are so smart and fastidious, they understand right away.

Yes. Bring your kitty’s food and bring us written instructions. Please bring amount of food needed for the amount of days your cat will board with us. Label it with your last name, cat’s name and preferably in ziploc bags or small tupperware containers.We also have a refrigerator for perishables. Your instructions will be noted on the ‘Special Feeding’ Portion of the card on your kitty’s condo.

No. But there is no extra charge, either. It takes more time for the employee who is feeding the cats to leave the food cart, break the routing, and go to the special food cupboard and get your cat’s food, but we are happy to do it and do it for no charge.

Yes, it is. If the kitties are not on the special diet and we have permission from the owners, we serve fresh, roasted warm Butterball Turkey on Thanksgiving and the cats love it. We start baking the turkey early in the morning so it is ready and still warm and juicy when it is served. It’s an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for the kitties, so to speak and they can have all they want. We take photos on most all holidays, of our boarding kitty guests, and it is always fun for they are like children and constantly entertain and amaze us!

Our Feline friends need protection from disease, too. Vaccinations for cats are less straight forward than those required for dogs. Some vets recommended a Leukemia vaccination while other vets won’t give it. The same is true for the FIP vaccine. Many vets are recommending FeLuk tests and if the cat tests negative, they give us the results and find the vaccine unnecessary.

At A Country Cat House, we recommend the following shots: FVRCP, Rabies and Feline Leukemia. However, if your vet doesn’t believe some of these shots are in the best interest of your cat, let us know and we’ll discuss it with your vet. Please be informed that Rabies is legally required for all pets even if you aren’t boarding. Also, a feline leukemia/fiv test with negative results within the last year is important especially if your vet doesn’t give the vaccine annually due to the fact that your cat is old or strictly indoor. This is done for the safety of your cat and all boarded cats.

If your cat gets all the shots annually of FRCP, Rabies and feline leukemia, then we can arrange for a vet to come to the cattery to give all shots for an extra fee. If the cat hasn’t received the feline leukemia test, we cannot provide this service.

We are not a veterinarian clinic, but we are trained to administer pills, give shots, (including insulin), ear and eye ointments, change bandages…any medication that is not prescribed for a contagious disease. If your kitty is on an antibiotic, we need to know specially what it is for with specific instructions of times, dosage, and this should be done in advance. Do not bring any medication without discussing this with Josie either by phone or email in advance. An extra charge is required.

As will be explained in detail when you fill out the boarding card, we reserve the right and you give us permission to make medical decisions on your cat’s behalf in your absence. We always try to take your cat to its own vet but should your vet not be available or it is an emergency, you give us permission to use the services of one of the vets in our area. You also agree to be totally responsible for the charges.

We recommend you leave credit card information and instructions with your vet, i which should be included whenever you go away so it is on file in case of an emergency where you or your contact are not available to give instructions. We require clients who are either going to be unreachable by phone, or out of the United States to have this arrangement with their vet. There is a charge for this service depending on the time it takes our employees. This is an emergency plan in case something unforeseen happens and your cat needs immediate attention.

You cannot get this service from any other form of cat care. Board with A Country Cat House for your peace of mind. It is by far the very best choice you could make for your cats in your absence. Staying home alone for so many hours or being left with people who most likely would not be there or would not recognize an emergency if it arose, is not the best care you can provide for your precious felines.

We maintain a totally flea-free environment. All cats are checked on check in, or very shortly thereafter, for any signs of flea debris. If found, the kitty will receive an administered flea topical/or oral medication immediately and then be put into its condo. If you know your kitty has fleas, please make sure you administer Frontline or Advantage for cats, at least a week prior to boarding.

Remember, if you have fleas at home, they will be on your cat. Be informed that the instant your cat is back home, there will be literally millions of hungry fleas jumping on your cat inside the house and also in your yard. While you are away and your cat is boarding, you should have your home fumigated and your yard treated for fleas. Otherwise, the cycle will start again and your cat will become re-infested.

Your cat is boarded in a totally private condo with no possible contact with any other cat! Your cat’s condo is sanitized daily! The tile floors are sterilized every morning. Our cattery is likely much more sterile by far than your local hospital! We are fanatics about cleanliness. In our routine morning cleaning, the entire cattery is disinfected thoroughly with safe but effective approved products. All food and water dishes are sterilized. All litter pans go through a sterilizing process. Your cat never has contact with another cat, ever. All these precautions are take to insure your cats are in the cleanest environment humanly possible and every possible venue is used to keep them healthy. Also, we require proof of upper respiratory prevention vaccines from every cat owner prior to boarding and this is not only for boarding, but for your cat’s general health throughout the year.

It is very rare, but occasionally a vaccinated cat will come down with an upper respiratory infection, but they come down with these at home as well! We get boarding cancellations because cats have developed a cold at home and are on antibiotics and our customers know we can’t board them if they have a cold.

We have arrived at some conclusions of our own about cat colds after caring for cats for over 20 years. We have noticed, and the vets we talked to backed up our findings, that when there is a fire in the Everglades, or a Hurricane or storm passing nearby, there is a huge increase in the number of cats coming into their clinics with cold symptoms than at any other time. It seems their respiratory systems are sensitive to what is happening in the environment and dirt or dust being stirred up. And it can manifest itself in the form of sneezing and runny eyes for a few days.

It is something we are very aware of and if a cat sneezes even one time, we are on alert to watch it and take it to its vets if any further symptoms appear. Sometimes, though, just scratching their litter or a piece of their own fur can make them sneeze. …So don’t believe anyone who tells you your cat is exposed to any more diseases than they are in their own home and yard, because the chances of catching something at A Country Cat House is much less than catching something at home. In an establishment as clean as A Country Cat House, you have very little to worry about. Your pets are more apt to catch something at home from a well meaning friend or neighbor reaching down to pet your pets when they have recently petted their own pet at home and are transferring the bacteria or virus to your pet…or your cat could have been incubating a virus at home prior to boarding with no apparent symptoms and the symptoms begin developing after check-in. Since your cat has no contact with another cat and we have a fresh air exchange system that pulls all interior air out through the special roof vent for this purpose, there is very little chance your cat catch a cold from another cat or another cat could catch a cold from your cat. But be assured, we would immediately take your cat to the vet if we feel the Sneeze is more than dust or its own hair.

Call Josie at 305-279-9770 or e-mail at and she will be happy to schedule a tour anytime during business hours except on busy pre-holiday check-ins when there simply is not enough time. Since we pre-schedule checkouts with customers on 15-minute intervals, please call Josie and arrange a time so other customers will not have to wait past their appointed check-in or check-out time. Be assured, you will be given this same courtesy when you return from a trip and have an appointment to pick up your baby. We will make sure you do not have to wait either.

We take care of kitties for a variety of reasons besides owners going on vacation. Sometimes they are staying in a hotel while their house is being fumigated, or being remodeled, or they have guests who are allergic to cats, and they bring them to us for care. We love to have people visit their Kitties. Keep in mind that an appointment is needed in advance and during summer season, Saturdays and holidays sometimes it may not be possible. Always coordinate this visits ahead of time. Because of time constraints, safety and tranquility of your cat, we only allow the owners on the registration to visit their cats not anyone else.

Several reasons. We need to be able to give you undivided attention for about 15 minutes when you are dropping your cat/s off. Besides signing the paper-work, which will be ready, your kitty has to be checked for fleas, placed in a unit, given food and fresh water, etc. Also, the care of the cats is a very strict routine: feeding times, play times with the cattery staff, nap times, brushing and combing times – everything is done on schedule, including tours, check-ins and check-outs.

A pre-arranged schedule keeps the cattery running efficiently and affords us maximum time with the cats and assures you quick and efficient service.

We accept cash, cashier checks, traveler’s check, bank cashier check and money orders. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time. If deposits are required, which is normal for holidays and summer vacation times since we book full and would not want to turn any kitty away, the deposit is non-refundable. Check deposits can be mailed in advance if required for reservations but not at check out. At the present time we are looking for other options as payments forms.

Whenever you bring your cat on check-in day, that is a day one of boarding charges. On the check out day, if you check out before 12:00 noon, there is no charge for that day. If you check out one minute after 12:00 noon on check-out day, the computer charges another day to your account and the office staff cannot turn it back and it must all balance. If you don’t get the cattery before noon, you will be charged for that day but you have all day until before noon the next day to check out without incurring another day’s boarding charge.

Yes, We have a two-day minimum charge during regular times of the year. We have a four-day minimum for holidays. We always book full for holidays and we do not keep a waiting list of people who wanted to board that we had to turn down. When we are full, we stop taking reservations, so you will always be able to count on having your cats unit ready and waiting upon your arrival when you have made a reservation.

Yes. There is a non-refundable between $50 and $100  deposit per cat required of everyone because space is limited. This is a minimal deposit, a minimal amount for the lost revenue we suffer when we turn away another customer because we thought we were booked. We do not keep a waiting list of people who ‘wanted to board’. Once we are full, we stop taking reservations. You will appreciate this when you make a reservation because you can rest assured your cat/s unit will be available and ready for you on check-in. No one else can take it from you.

About two weeks during slow months, but for major holidays and summer time, make your reservations as soon as you can. This assures your cats will have a nice unit overlooking the gardens for their stay. Many of our customers make their reservations several months in advance. For instance, during the summer, many customers maker their reservation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. You should make your cats reservation as soon as you make yours and send in your deposit. When we receive, your deposit, it assures the unit is saved for you and will not be sold to another customer. Another advantage of booking ahead of time is that you might pay lower fees and get more options of appointments times for check in and check out.

We require 14 days reservation to allow discounted rate for non holiday reservations for weekly boarding’s.

As our saying goes: ‘All our kitty guests received oodles of cuddles and pampurring’! They also get individual playtime in the ‘playroom’ with their cattery pal as well as petting, combing and brushing in their own condo various times of day. We believe in spending a lot of time bonding and social time with the kittys…they get to know us and trust us…which will be evident on pickup. Please don’t be jealous if your kitty is purrfectly happy in our arms. Be happy knowing you made the right choice for your cats happiness and contentment in your absence, and book your future reservations.

Proof of current vaccines (or have them faxed by your vet 5 days prior to boarding), your cat inside individual pet carrier/taxi, photo ID (for identification purposes) food, medications, supplements, if needed, and any cat toys.

Our pick-up and delivery service prices are very fair and are based on distance. We are happy to offer you this convenience, but for your first boarding, you have to sign paperwork at the Cattery office. After that, you are welcome to make use of this convenient service as often as you desire. Send us an e-mail to with the details of your location and we will provide you with our cost.

When you use our pick-up and delivery service, we do request, and it is very important on pick-up that your cat or cats are in their carrier and ready to go when our staff members arrive. On delivery, it is important you or someone you have designated is there to accept your cat or cats. We are very, very punctual. Having your cat ready eliminates any extra time charge over the quoted charge.

Thanks for your understanding in having your cat or cats ready to be transported to their ‘kitty vacation resort’ where they will receive the very best of care and ‘purrrsonal’ attention!

To put your mind at ease, when your kitty comes in the first time for boarding, everything and everyone is new but we have the experience and know exactly what to do to make her or him at ease, safe and loved. Once your cat is inits assigned unit overlooking the tropical gardens, we give them a little while to check out their environment. They very quickly instinctively know they are in control of their space and begin watching the lizards and birds in the gardens and the Koi fish swimming in their pond. Any fear they may have had on initial check-in begins to fade and is replaced with attention to the garden activities…soon the food bowl and special ‘welcome treats’ we have for them take over all thoughts and we will see them begin munching on the treats.

We begin talking to them, soothing and reassuring them that they are surrounded by cat lovers who mean them no harm. Cats are very, very instinctive animals and they ‘know,’ they really ‘know’ when a human is an animal lover. Soon we are petting and scratching their head and they are responding to our gentle advances with rubbing of their do not have to worry…we talk ‘cat talk’ and they understand us and we understand them…over 25+ years of experience in welcoming new feline babies into our strictly feline resort (and they are all babies to us no matter what their actual age), and making them feel ‘right at home’ is our expertise. They are never pressured and accept us on their terms…we earn their love and trust.

A Country Cat House is strictly ‘For Cats’! We have no dogs barking in the background…our background sounds are of soft music and the gentle sounds of water falling over the edge of the fountain and dropping into the Koi fish pond bowl!

Our environment is immaculately clean! (Kitties won’t tolerate anything less, of course!) Our feline guests’ accommodation choices are spacious, custom-designed out of pure Birch and are sanitized daily. The entire cattery was designed for cats happiness, safety, contentment, entertainment and security.

Our staff is made up of all cat owners and devoted cat lovers, who understand and fulfill all your cats needs and desires.

Yes. We are glad you asked. To our knowledge, we are the only legally zoned and licensed ‘cats only’ boarding facility in Dade County. Remember, we are not talking about Vets who also legally board animals, or pet stores who legally board animals, or predominantly dog kennels that also board few cats…we are talking about legal facilities that were built strictly for cats legally…we are speaking strictly about cats. Cat boarding and cat grooming are our only business and we devote 100% of our time and love to this endeavor and nothing else.

Are we legal? Absolutely. And we, too, would never trust the care of our beloved cats to any person facility that wasn’t legal and licensed, or anyone who didn’t have documentation to prove they were operating a legally licensed and zoned business in Dade County. There are a lot of scams going on by people who appear to be genuine and seem to disappear if something happens to your pet while you’re gone, and you have no one to turn to for answer because you just discovered in looking at the business card they gave you that there is no address for them and no phone number except a cell phone that no one answers.

Before you hire anyone to care for your most precious feline babies, be sure you have proof they are running a legal operation and that you have their home address and home telephone number for accountability if something happens to your cat while you’re away. Don’t do business with or trust the care of your cat to anyone who gives you a business card that doesn’t show their real home address and real phone number…or you are holding a worthless piece of paper if you need to get answers and no one is taking your calls on their cell. If there is no address, and something goes wrong while they are caring for your pet, how will you even track them down? Think about the consequences.

There are scams of this nature all over country and we hear the horror stories. Don’t let it happen to you. Go look at their house and make sure that it really exists and is actually where they live.

Our license and our ABKA Accreditation Certificate are proudly displayed on our office wall for you to see. The ABKA Blue Ribbon Accreditation Award for Excellence is displayed on the front of the cattery…

We have been taking care of South Florida’s most loved and treasured cats for over 25+ years with total success. We are here! We will be here! And we are accountable to you..

Our rates are reasonable? Why take any chances with your cat’s safety and welfare when you don’t have to. A Country Cat House is by far the best choice of all your options for your cat’s care in your absence. Let us prove it to you. Make your next reservation at A Country Cat House and you will never worry again.

All male cats above 12 months should be neutered. Non-neutered males have a tendency to spray for marking territory and howl in the evening and we don’t want to bother the rest of our guests.

Sorry, no, not UNLESS your vet deems your cat to be of an age whereby it no longer needs them, AND it has been assessed as fit and healthy by the vet prior to its stay.

Yes, absolutely. We have found that our ‘no dogs’ policy, coupled with the design of the cats condo which allows absolutely no contact whatever, visually or physically with another cat, works wonders towards calming your cat down and changing its disposition. The gentle and loving nature or our Staff, as well as the immaculately clean environment, wonderful food and gourmet treats, and lots of entertainment in the gardens that cats love, all work together to provide a wonderful boarding experience for your cat.

Yes. Absolutely. We NEVER allow your cat to have contact with another cat. Your cat has its own condo for the duration of its stay.

By making the experience totally pleasurable. Again, our ‘no dog’ policy, cat-loving staff, immaculately clean environment, private condo with no physical or visual contact with any other cat, full window overlooking a beautiful tropical garden with lizards, birds, butterflies and Koi fish to watch for entertainment, soothing, soft background music..Your cat will totally enjoy the experience.

Yes, absolutely. We successfully care for geriatric older cats with various ailments due to old age. We spend a lot of time with them, shower them with love and tenderness and monitor their water and food intake very, very closely. The fact that we provide 24 hour care is also very important, especially for senior cats. We own older cats of our own and understand your anxiety when you are leaving town. We will take care of them as if they were our own babies. A trial 24 hour visit is needed, to make sure we can administer the insulin to your cat, prior to the actual boarding date.

Yes. Your cat will receive so much love and attention, you have no need to worry. Go to ‘Testimonials’ and read letters we have received from customers who had the same worries the first time they boarded and see what they have to say. You will quickly see that once they board at A Country Cat House, they never worried again and go away any time they want and stay as long as they want, knowing their cat will be safe, secure and happy on their return.

For obvious reasons, we do not condone nor do we ever board cats together unless they are from the same family. We have several styles that were designed to board up to four cats from the same family. We never, ever allow your cats to have any contact with any other cat from another family.