A Country Cat House offers a first-class cat boarding facility which provides a wide variety of Services for your cat(s), including long-term boarding, geriatric care, special care for cats on medication or special diets and grooming. We have over 25+ years of experience providing exemplary loving cat care, with hundreds of references from happy cats and cat owners to prove it!

Why is A Country Cat House so special?

Your cat will have their own one-or three-level condo with a view! will be able to look out over a beautiful tropical garden with a fishpond, bubbling fountain, birdbaths and feeders, and thousands of butterflies, moths, birds, lizards and frogs – all the creatures that cats most love to watch (at night, too, when our soft garden night-lights come on).

We have no barking dogs or loud noises and raised voices –only soft classical music, chirping birds and the sound of cascading water from our fountain. Safe and comfortable in our condo, your kitty will never be able to see a strange cat above, below or next to him or her. They’ll feel secure, happy and in complete control of the environment.

Daily petting, gentle combing and massages from our loving staff. Every day, our kitties leave the condos to enjoy frolics, toys and treats in our custom-designed playroom. Each cat has their own specially scheduled playtime, supervised by us. Fresh air and pleasant at all times, thanks to our air exchange and ventilation system and our strict policy of changing litter boxes as soon as they’re used. We don’t sell cat boarding-we give you peace of mind, and that is priceless! Discover more about our cat boarding accomodations

Kitty Condos

Spacious, custom-designed KITTY Condos for one or more of your cats.

Pampering and

Individual playtime, pampering and cuddling –several times a day!

Answers to Common Questions About Cat Boarding and Grooming Services

Grooming Services

Your cat can be groomed whether they’re boarding with us or not.