Luxury Accommodations for your Favorite Feline at very reasonable rates!

In spacious, bright, sunlit rooms, you will find our large custom-built cat chalets, villas and treehouses. Each unit comes fully equipped with a custom-designed cathouse for sleeping in or on.

We have cathouses to fit the most discriminating feline tastes:
Luxury Boarding Suites,
Garden Chalets,
Single & Double Villas,
3-Level Treehouses on huge windows overlooking lush tropical gardens with Koi Fish Ponds, Fountains, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders and Butterfly Gardens., Two-story colonials, castles and more.

Our Two-story Houses are designed for boarding two cats from the same family who enjoy being together.

Each unit comes equipped with private bathroom (exchanged as soiled). Everything is designed for the pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment of our feline guests! We are immaculately clean!

Treehouses and Suites have three levels. Each kitty, (from the same family, of course), has their own ‘Kitty House’ with perches and lounges.
Guest can sleep in or recline on their house or relax high in the tree on a comfortable cat-sized perch, and watch the activity in their garden and pond just outside their huge floor-to-ceiling windows!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the safety and welfare of every cat in our care.

We understand the emotional connection between pet owners and the concerns that come along with parting with pets. That’s why we strive to create an environment of comfort, care, and trust while you are away from them. You can have peace of mind knowing your cat is receiving the best possible care – something they deserve.