Pet Care Alternatives & Comparisons

Let’s examine other forms of pet care from a purely logical point of view.

Pet Sitters.. I am referring to businesses that hire themselves out to pet owners and go from home to home. I am not talking about a pet sitter/house sitter who moves in and stays 24 hours a day with the family pets.

Certainly it doesn’t seem plausible or logical that pet sitters, going from one home to the next as rapidly as possible to make their appointed rounds, and feed and walk or play with the dogs and feed cats have time to sanitize their clothing and shoes in between stops at clients homes. There are only so many hours a day and travel time has to be factored into the schedule…and many pet sitters claim to spend 45 minutes playing with and walking the dogs…how much time do they spend with the cats? ..add up the hours, how many homes could they possible visit in daylight hours? and Which owners’ animals will get their breakfast at 8 am and which will get their breakfast at 3 or 4 pm? Add up the hours! Could one person do it all? I don’t think so!

Logically they could only take care of five homes a day which would be a ten-hour day for them with no stopping.. figure out the hours…five animals = 5 hours for ONE feeding.. what about dinner? 5 more hours for the rounds = a ten-hour day! ..if the pet sitter doesn’t take a minute out for himself or herself to eat… can they make a living on five homes a day? I don’t think so! Can they exist very long with this schedule without winding up in an institution? No, this is by far not the best selection for your pet care.

So who else is given the keys to your home? Keys that they can be copied for future use? Is it a neighbor’s son, who could bring his friends back to your home on Saturday night for a party because he knows there is little chance of getting caught because you are ‘out of town’? Is it a teenager? Or a stranger who answered an ad in the paper for a part time job? Are they experienced to recognize a medical Emergency? Are they in business because they genuinely love animals or are they in business because there is little, if any, accountability and it is an easy and cheap business to get into…for only $20 they can have 1,000 business cards printed up and start calling, making appointments and picking up house keys. They are in business!

Who are they giving the keys to your house to? Could it possibly be a part time job and they could easily make keys to your home to enter at a later date when you are at a movie or out to dinner? Think about it! Don’t fall for the old cliche that “Oh, your pets are better home than being boarded!” It simply is not true. We hear the horror stories. So don’t be fooled into thinking this is the best pet care alternative. Check each out and see for yourself where your cats will be the safest.

The logical answer is: They are not better off at home if they are left alone for over 23 hours a day.. and that is the way licensed pet sitter businesses operate…. A Country Cat House was the first “cat’s only facility” in the nation and the world to achieve the prestigious accreditation status by the Pet Care Services Association.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the safety and welfare of every cat in our care.

We understand the emotional connection between pet owners and the concerns that come along with parting with pets. That’s why we strive to create an environment of comfort, care, and trust while you are away from them. You can have peace of mind knowing your cat is receiving the best possible care – something they deserve.