We have some of the finest veterinarians in the entire nation right here in Miami. Any health problems that may arise during your cat's stay will be dealt with according to your instructions. We will always try to take your cat to your own vet. In an emergency, we will take your cat to the nearest vet available.

We insist that all vacationing cats be up to date on all vaccinations. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions to see what vaccinations we require. If your cat is elderly and your vet does not recommend certain shots, we defer to your vets recommendations.

Whether your cat is a young 'athlete' or a 'senior', we will provide your cat with the most loving care and personal attention possible during your absence.

Veterinary Care

Emergency matters:

We are very aware of the bond and trust an owner normally has with their vet and should your cat become ill or, from our experience appear to need medical attention, be assured we will do everything possible to get your cat to your personal vet but should your vet or your 'contact' for emergency instructions not be available, you give us permission and we reserve the right, at our discretion, to take your cat to one of our on-call alternate vets or to a clinic for care. You agree to pay any costs incurred.