We offer a complete range of feline services which include:

* A Quiet, Peaceful Stress-Free, Secure and Healthy Environment.

* Very spacious, custom designed Luxury Accommodations - many design choices available to accommodate one or several members of your cat family who enjoy or 'tolerate' being together. ONLY cats from the same family are ever boarded together. Your cats never, ever have contact with any other cat or cats.

* Special Dietary Needs are Strictly Adhered to per your instructions

* Climate controlled environment for maximum comfort

* Immaculately clean and 100% odor free - litter pans are exchanged for a clean one as soon as they are soiled.

* Professional Feline Groomer on premises. You do not have to be boarding to have your cat professionally groomed. Just call for an appointment. We originated the "Lion Cut", the "Town and Country Cut" and the "Sanitary Cut" for felines.. All grooming is performed on premises by our own 'Manny, our Master Cut Groomer with over 14 years experience. He grooms with love and patience and, of course, is a cat owner himself.

No tranquilizers. Only our finest Cat-approved products, shampoos and conditioners are used.

* Individual playtime, pampering and cuddling several times per day. Each cat has individually schedule playtime in the playroom designed for their fun, entertainment and relaxation. Again, they are never with any other cat or cats except from their own family.

* Veterinarian on call in case of emergency. It is very rare, but occasionally, from our vast experience and years of caring cats, if we feel your cat needs to see a Vet, we will first try to get your own vet. If it is a weekend, holiday or after hours an your vet is not available, or we feel it is of an emergency nature, and we feel it is in the best interest of your cat/s, we reserve the right to take your cat to the nearest vet available and the cat owner agrees to be responsible for paying the charges.

* Gourmet, healthy foods and treats. Special diets and requests strictly adhered to.

* Pickup and Delivery service available.

As a fine cat boarding facility, we require proof of certain vaccinations before boarding your cat, unless your Veterinarian calls us otherwise. We always defer to your Veterinarian. Make sure you have prepared copies of your cats vaccinations and that you have them with you when you arrive or better yet, to save you time, fax them prior to boarding or have them faxed or e-mailed directly from your Vet's office to: This will guarantee you a quick check-in.

What your kitty will receive:

* A large, custom-designed one, two or three-level condo of your choice with a full window view of beautiful tropical gardens equipped with a fishpond, a cascading fountain, birdbaths & Birdfeeders and literally thousands of garden inhabitants of every kind and nature, including lizards, birds, butterflies, moths and millers, frogs and others... all for your kitty's viewing pleasure and entertainment.

* There are no barking dogs, no loud noises or voices and the only sounds are soft, classical music, water softly cascading from the fountains, and the sounds or numerous varieties of birds who live on the premises.

* Our fresh-air exchange system, combined with our company policy of exchanging litter boxes as soon as there are soiled, means the air is fresh and pleasant at all times.

* The kitties always have fresh, distilled cool water available, as well as premium foods and the very finest of treats to satisfy the most finicky feline palate.

* They enjoy the relaxing 'hands on' daily massages by our loving staff. They receive lots of petting, gentle combing and soft brush each day during our bonding periods. All kitties get to know the entire staff and see them throughout the day and evening. We talk to them softly and they know our voices. They respond with purrs and playfulness in return. They are all a treat and are our pleasure to care for until you return. We are truly your 'surrogate' while you are away. After all, you are Mom and Dad but you will know your cats are happy and loved during your absence. Isn't that the very best service we could ever give you? For you to know that your cats are happy and receiving the very best of care? You never have to feel guilty ever again when you go away. Go away and have a very good time, because your cat/s are. You have us and we are going to be here a long, long time.

* Your kitty will always feel safe and secure in their own private condo where they can't even see another cat on either side, above or below. They are safe and in complete control of their environment. The reason for the exact size and style of the cat condos was arrived at by trying different prototypes on our own cats at the very beginning to see their reaction to various models, sizes and styles. This design was neither too big nor too small but just right! and when we experimented with many other cats and fount it to be true, we never deviated from out design again. Why should we? We found out exactly what made the cats happy and content, and most of all, in control.

* Your cats never come into contact with any other cat other than their own household feline members and our own cat-loving staff.

A Country Cat House

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