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A Country Cat House Featured in the Kendall Gazette Community Newspaper

"Cats also look forward to holiday away from home"
by Lee Stephens

If you are going away for Thanksgiving or Christmas, give your cat a holiday away from home as well.

At A Country Cat House, the “Five-paw feline resort” in West Kendall, your cat will be enjoying a turkey dinner at about the same time you are sitting down for your holiday meal with family and friends. “We slow-roast a 25-pound Butterball turkey early in the morning so it is warm, moist and juicy
when it’s served,” says manager Josie.

“The kitties like their turkey warm when they are on vacation at A County Cat House, which is their country club. Just like you, your cats can pig out on
as much turkey as they like.”

The facility, nestled on a five-acre equestrian site, is the only ‘cats-only’ boarding/grooming facility in Florida that is accredited by the prestigious
Pet Care Services Association (PCSA), formerly the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA).

“When people go away, it’s simply not safe to leave cats home alone,” says Josie, who has managed A Country Cat House for more than 17
years. “Cats need more than a sitter or friend coming in for a few minutes a day to freshen the food and water and clean the litter box. They get lonely
and scared when left alone and the family is gone. For their safety and well-being, they need loving, personal attention while their owners are away, and we provide an abundance of both."

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