Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Can't bring your cat to us or do a pick-up yourself?

Sometimes flight schedules or other travel pressures make personal drop-offs and pick-ups impossible.  When that happens, A Country Cat House is pleased to offer pickup and delivery service to clients who's cats have stayed with us before.

The first time your cat boards with us, you must bring him/her to us yourself and sign paperwork at our office.  But, after that, you can arrange for us to pick up and deliver your cat just by sending us an e-mail to: mycat@acountrycathouse.com  Just give us the details of your location, and we'll tell you the service charge.  Our prices are very fair and are based on the distance to travel and the time it will take our employee to provide the service.

For pick-ups, please have your cat in a carrier ready to go when our staff member arrives.  If you have more than one cat please send each cat in a separate / individual carrier.  We kindly request not to use cardboard pet carriers as they are not a SAFE method for transporting a pet.

For deliveries, you or a person you've officially designated, such as a family member or friend - may be present to receive the cat.  We are very punctual.  Being ready to promptly hand off or receive your cat eliminates any extra cost over our already quoted charge.

Thank you for your understanding in having your cat ready to travel to our wonderful kitty vacation resort!