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Boarding Charges

The first day of charge is check in day regardless of what time your cat checks in. We are here from 9:00 am to 4:30 for check in. Check-in day is day 1.

Check Out

There is no charge for the day of check out if the cat(s) are picked up before 12:00 noon, the clock rolls over to another day's charge in the computer and the staff cannot roll it back. The charges on the computer must balance, so please don't ask for a favor not to be charged for the day of check-out if you were not able to pick-up before noon. We ask for your understanding in this matter so please don't ask and put the employees in an embarrassing situation.

If you can't get to the cattery before 12:00 noon on check out day, there is a charge for that day but you have until 12:00 noon the next day to pick...and we try to make everything as convenient for you as possible. We do offer quick check-in and checkout service so you never have to wait.

Everything is by pre-arranged appointment for YOUR convenience.

What does our price include?

- Food

Premium Science Diet, Iams, Proplan and others, or you may bring your own from home and we are happy to feed it to your kitty or kitties. There is no extra charge for giving your cat/s food from home even thought it takes more time for the staff to stop where they are in the feeding routing when they come to your cats' condo and go get their personal food. We are happy to do this for you.

A very wide variety of the most popular cat 'treats' Treat time is 11 am and 3 pm...and the cats 'know' when the treat cart should be rolling across the tile!

Feeding time and treat times are extremely important times in the cattery and we strictly adhere to the routine. If we are not right on time, be assured every cat in the cattery will let us know immediately!

- Catnip Parties, Free Toys

We find about 80% of our guests love catnip..the other 20% couldn't care less so we give them a variety of 'treats' until we find their 'favorite or favorites,' which we make a note of on their record for future visits.....unless they are on a restricted diet, are overweight, or you, the owner instructs us your cat(s) cannot have treats.

- Daily individual 'Playtime' with a member our staff in the cat-playroom.

The 'Playroom' is a beautifully tiled and screened-in fresh-air room designed for the cats to run, play or take another 'nap.' It overlooks the back garden as well as the horses in training in the pastures. It is used by the staff to bond with the cats individually so they get to know each other very well.

The cats also get a lot of daily personal bonding and attention in their individual condo.

- Odor-Free Environment

All litter pans are exchanged upon soiling. We never have an odor since any signs of a soiled litter pan will be dealt with immediately and swiftly.

- Daily Brushing and Combing

Owners tell us their cats don't even allow them to brush and comb them at home and are frequently surprised to see their cat thoroughly enjoying beingbrushed or combed by us. As one customer said: "Go Figure?"

- Daily Monitoring of Activities and Behavior: 24-Hour Care and Supervision

There is always a staff member in attendance with the cats and they are continuously monitored. When they poo or urinate in their litter pan, the pan is replaced by a clean one and their personal chart is noted whether they urinated, poo'd or both. We watch their daily food and water intake as well.. we watch what goes in and what comes out and have the experience to know and be alerted to any possible problem. We have saved many cats lives by noticing a cat who did not urinate and determined it should be seen by a vet.. for possibly, cystitis, a medical problem common to neutered males about 4 years old if they have been on a cat food at home high in ash content. (This is one of many of the extra benefits of boarding with us as opposed to hiring a pet sitter or having a friend come in and feed and change water. Just from the nature of two different businesses, we are there all the time watching the cats and have the advantage of having this knowledge that pet sitters would have no way of knowing.

We have the knowledge by constant monitoring and knowing each and every single time your cat uses the litter pan, drinks water or doesn't drink water or eats or doesn't eat. The office manager is immediately alerted if any one of these observations are out of line and the staff is always prepared to take your cat to its vet or another vet or clinic if your vet is not available. If we sense a pending problem, we don't take a chance with your precious feline child...yours is treated like our very own, and be assured we love our cats as we do our children.

You cannot replace our experience and constant monitoring of your cats behavior when you are away, with any other form of cat care. We most likely will know more about your cat's 'personal habits' than you.....which is good for 'you'!.. having the peace of mind knowing your cat is in the care of one of the nations finest cat care facilities with the most experienced cat-care specialists in the nation...and knowing you have made the best possible choice for your cat's-care.

Being left home alone all day and all night, except for perhaps 5 minutes to change litter and freshen the food and water by a friend, neighbor, someone's teenager, or a pet sitter is not your best choice for your cats care when you have access to an PCSA Accredited boarding facility only minutes away from where you live...and we are sure you will find our pricing very, very modest for what we offer...

..and we don't need a copy of the keys to your home...keys that are often given to helpers that you never know...