In Loving Memory

In fond memory of the wonderful cats
who have touched our lives
and become such good friends
of A Country Cat House
over the past 20 years

We will always remember
each and every one of you...
Your individual personalities...
and the love you gave back!

You have enriched our lives,
more than you could ever imagine,
and we miss you dearly.


Below are some of the wonderful cats who have touched our lives.
Please click on the images to enlarge.

"Bruno" owned by
Dr. Tighe Shomer and
Patty Bauer Shomer

Little Buddy owned by S Paronick

Grey owned by A. Chambers

Emily owned by S. and J. Paterniti

Taffy owned by N. Lazar

Brandy owned by A. Vajda

Secret Kitty owned by C.Hall

Oliver owned by R. and R. Mandel

Sherbert owned by R and R. Mandel

Pippin owned by S. Haller

Sammy owned by R. Helenbrook

Mooney owned by A. and M Berardelli

Lucky owned by M. Martin

Doucette owned by M. Martin

Krispie owned by A. Munday

Rachel owned by S. Del’ Etoile

Mandy owned by C. Veater